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UPDATED: 3/27/13
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Information before you buy:
I ship from USA.
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Books & Comics

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wow I haven't used LJ in a while

Hello again! I usually keep up with stuff via RSS feeds and I've been more active on discord/reddit now for kpop. Actually logged back in so I could comment on Omona for Nu'est!


EDIT: I had industrialkitty crosspost this to EGL for the Midwest Lolita Collective & indie fashion show organizers.

On May 16th, 2014, we had an exhibition of current designs from independent lolita designers at Anime Central in Rosemont, IL.

✿✿✿ Participating Brands - Designer ✿✿✿

Ribbons - Adrian Pitts
Dream Princess - Molly Grupka
Asystole - Diana Allen
Rina Cali - Catherine Calixto
mossbadger - Jordana Robinson
Victorian Angel by Amy Marie Couture - Amy Marie Fenderson
Kinki Kitty - Helena Stenberg


Dream Princess


acen2014indiefash-10 acen2014indiefash-11



asystole logo

acen2014indiefash-12 acen2014indiefash-13

acen2014indiefash-14 acen2014indiefash-15

acen2014indiefash-16 acen2014indiefash-17


Rina Cali

Rina Cali logo




mossbadger logo

acen2014indiefash-25 acen2014indiefash-26



Victorian Angel by Amy Marie Couture

amy logo


Kinki Kitty

kinkikitty logo


Photographer credits

[individual] Scott J. Waldron http://photographybanzai.com/
Nactare and Ashelia (friends of model)

View the fashion show album on Facebook: [link]

Several of these indie designers had items on sale in the Midwest Lolita Collective Lolita Collective booth!
We will also be at Anime Midwest on July 4-6, 2014.

What was your favorite design? What was the most inspirational towards your own coordinates? Did you recognize any of your friends?

Life, lolita, and PINBOARD!

Basically, I don't really check my LJ friends page anymore, but I'll try to do so more frequently! I'm used to just subscribing to a LJ feed if I like the journal enough. FAILLLLLLLLLL Anyways, I decided to switch my major recently from Nursing to Biomedical Sciences, since I had a disastrous spring clinical and realizing I don't like all of the commitment and high level stress of nursing. And I was slacking off majorly if that wasn't a sign that I didn't like nursing as much as everyone else...

Now, lolita!  I have been going on /cgl/ more recently because I lurk and EGL is a slow LJ community and I like being anonymous. I've been seriously researching in 2012 before going to my first meet up in February! I hope my coordinates have improved since then. But in actuality, I think my slow burning desire to wear lolita fashion started in like 2009 when I bought a Gothic Lolita Bible in a random magazine shop (overpriced, but I love it to pieces today) and my interest popped up again after getting into decoden and the pretty sweet lolitas who often buy and make decoden phone cases.

I made a lolita timeline because I was bored but I never posted it except on my blogspot and here:
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Oh yeah, I caved and bought a PINBOARD ACCOUNT!!! Delicious was killing me (I had to import bookmarks from Diigo that I made during the Delicious fiasco) and I was using Feedly for following fics & AO3 for saving bookmarks, but Pinboard is worth it since I save stuff and that it's fandom friendly~ (WHY HASN'T ANYTHING SHOWN UP YET? T_T) https://pinboard.in/u:kpossibles

Lolita Indie Brand Clothing List

A few days ago, I compiled ♥ Lolita Indie Brand Clothing List ♥ HERE

REC: Teen Wolf Third-Person POV fic

Accountability (8672 words) by ampliflyer
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

“So,” Sandy says. “Is Derek the one beating the crap out of him as well?”

Jake exhales slowly, shakes his head. “I’m not sure. Stiles is protective of him, that’s quite clear – but that’s how Stockholm Syndrome works, right?”

That’s exactly how Stockholm Syndrome works.

My Thoughts: Absolutely brilliant fic with third-person POV where she thinks Stiles is in an abusive relationship. Found this via rec by inlockstep on delicious and now that monopoli ave me an AO3 invite (lurking on journals has its uses!). I definitely read through it quickly and of course, with different POV than usual, you get a case-fic! Well, a mini one where POV character is wondering what's up with Stiles and letting him tell his secret about werewolves on his own time. Also, the comparison to Batman in a discussion between characters was wonderful! Stiles is definitely the Batman out of the Superman and others in this show.

I'm happy that Teen Wolf is filming again! One of my friends put up a vid on fb to audition for a guest character contest.


REC: Teen Wolf waking up from djinn!AU

an awful curse (6253 words) by leah k
Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, pg13

Isaac is asleep in a chair. The angle of his neck makes Derek wince in sympathy.

"Isaac," Derek says.

Isaac snaps awake immediately.


"Where's Stiles?"

"Stiles?" Isaac asks.

Jesus. It's not like they know more than one.

My thoughts: really enjoyed this one! Jerakeen shared this on pinboard with this catching quote:
Stiles is watching a dumb commercial selling an ugly necklace when he sits up suddenly, spine stiff. He asks, "How did we meet?"
It's a slightly better summary than the one provided by the author (blinkiesays) because you know something's off in this fic right away VS Derek being concerned about Stiles when he wakes up from an injury (bc TBQH this happens all the time in Teen Wolf canon/fanon). It does a unique take on this AU, starting with the waking up part and interspersing with what happens when they're in djinn-land (or rather, witch-cursed universe of their heads). Both of them are jarred since they were older in djinn!AU and it focused on them, leaving out reminders of their friends/pack that could rescue them. They have muscle memory and slight changes in memory that makes everyone realize a lot happened while they were in their witch!coma.

Definitely recommend reading this if you want a good Sterek fic that involves other supernatural elements not in canon yet!


Devastating Stiles & Elves!

Title: Fairytale
Author: cheesewithmy
Rating: R
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Stiles, the pack
Warning(s): Language, fairly brutal violence
Summary: Stiles had shifted around awkwardly by the dead animals, holding a sixty gallon trash bag, because his mom had loved cats, okay, and he wasn’t just going to leave those there to, like, rot, they were kitten sized for fuck’s sake. He’d been glad that he couldn’t smell whatever it was that was stressing his more lupine acquaintances out. And then Derek had growled, “Elves,” all fangs and red eyes.

My thoughts: Dang it, this fic totally brought me back to high school and middle school when I was reading all the books dealing with elves. (Wicked Lovely anyone???) The thing with the fae is that they're fucking viscious and whenever a human deals with them, it involves losing a great amount of time and pain for everyone involved. Not those flimsy ones portrayed in the Disney movies! Basically, Stiles kills an elf and the Queen captures him and makes a deal: make wolfsbane flower shirts for all the members of the pack (Derek, Scott, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Jackson, Lydia, Allison) in eight months or he'll die and they'll be in wolf form forever. This is serious business guys!!! Ugh, this totally pulled at my heartstrings and the author totally needs to get an AO3 account so this fic gets more love. (read the author's other fics: canon Derek/Stiles where artist!Derek keeps painting Stiles and he's oblivious as always and the one where Derek is human and Stiles is a werewolf!

It includes every character in the series so far that's still alive and serves them JUSTICE. Remember how Ms. McCall is a badass nurse? She totally helps Stiles sneak out the hospital after he collapses in the woods & is detained by the police for questioning about the missing teens, Peter helps by bringing food & sympathizing about the elves, Chris Argent gives Stiles the iron-clad weapons and bullets, and Sheriff Stilinski will always be best dad forever.


A Teen Wolf celebrity!AU

Just Act Normal (78578 words) by faviconzosofi
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, nc17, futurefic, au (but not really)

If someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned 25, he would’ve probably told Scott to punch them. The thing is, though…they would’ve been right.

Which makes returning to Beacon Hills, center of all that is supernatural and better left avoided, all the more awkward.

My thoughts: I think the best part is that this fic is miraculously futurefic and it totally makes sense in that all the acting roles is just building up characters throughout Stiles' past. I am really jealous that I didn't read this fic before!!! But now that it's complete, you'll get a wonderful sense of closure. The author moves the narrative between the past with interviews, movies, and memories of Stiles' past since college (at UCLA!!!) and with the present in the story with a Norwegian gang plot?! And of course, everyone NOT being oblivious with the sexual tension around Derek and Stiles (it better keep building throughout season 3, because I AM EXCITED).

Also, I must say that I love celebrity AUs to death since it's like a character is finally recognized for their worth in Hollywood/whatever and the AO3 tag is not used so much. For a Notting Hill AU that I love, I would go with Aja's Inception fic, I Seem to Be a Verb, where Eames is a well-known actor who stumbles into Arthur's science bookstore and there's insertion of real celebrities and omfg at never recognizing famous people, and for TSN RPF, I would go with All The Stars And Bleeding Hearts, where Andrew is the famous actor and Jesse spills coffee on him and they are cute guys in love.

PS I seem to be going thru One Direction rpf on the top hits filter on AO3. (Harry/Grimshaw anybody?!)

2 Teen Wolf AU fic recs

Solivagant (3586 words) by favicononewithroses
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, pg13, au, oneshot

Two halls out and Derek has made plans to dash in and out of his uncle’s room. A minute in. A minute out. After that he can leave. Maybe see a movie.

Derek finds Stiles instead.

My thoughts: This fic is really heartwrenching and the twist at the end makes the fic worth reading. T_T (defs worth 5 min of your time!)

Peripeteia (6929 words) by favicononewithroses
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, pg13, au, WIP (ch. 2/?)

Stiles wakes up on the side of the road with asphalt embedded in his right cheek and the taste of copper in his mouth. His first thought is, where is Scott?

Because out of everyone, Scott is the most likely person to have been involved in whatever got him here.

My thoughts: I just got linked to the AMAZING au fic where Stiles wakes up and everyone doesn't know who he is. No, this isn't exactly A Wonderful Life sort of situation, except that everything that you wish for Derek came true while other things stay the same. Stiles has been missing since he was 8 but in return, his mother and the Hales are still alive!!! Except... his sudden appearance is met with an edginess and he's the only one who knows about werewolves besides Deaton (I think he was already in the know early on?!). I think this Bizarro world is nice but weird, like human!Erica and bff!Scott&Danny?! And Derek being NORMAL and no angst?! It's a WIP but definitely worth keeping track of during the season hiatus.